Dubai: British schools to close early for Queen’s funeral on Monday

Some of the British schools in Dubai will close early so families can watch Queen Elizabeth II's televised funeral on Monday.

Some of the British schools in Dubai will close early so families can watch Queen Elizabeth II’s televised funeral on Monday.

Others will observe a two-minute silence to pay tribute to longest serving Monarch of Britain.


The Funeral ceremony of late Queen Elizabeth II will be broadcasted at 2 pm according to UAE time.

One of the colleges in Dubai said in a letter to parents it would close early on Monday after confirming a license from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority, the regulator of private schools in the emirate.

The letter reads, “Queen Elizabeth II was for all of us the only British monarch that we will have known during our lifetimes. This news’s emotional impact on community members should not be underestimated.”

In addition, the letter added, “For many who have expatriated from the UK, this will be one of the most culturally significant events in the country’s history, and it is important to allow community members to share in this event.”

Some schools in Dubai sent letters to parents, saying they have approached the education authority to allow them to finish early on Monday.

The letters stated that the early finish would help many people connect with their family and friends in the UK.


Schools said the authority had asked them to secure the parents’ vote in favour of or against the early closure. The support of the majority will influence the final decision.

On 9 September, The UAE authorities announced three days of mourning on the death of the longest-serving Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.

The authorities declared that the country’s flags would be flown half-masted for three days in embassies and the public and private sectors to mourn the demise of Queen Elizabeth II.

The mourning period began on Friday, 9 September and ended on Monday, 12 September.


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