Dubai: Schools witness 25% hike in student online enrollments

Schools are getting back into action after two years of a pandemic, but it does not mean that all students have returned to school; some are attending classes online.

Schools are getting back into action after two years of a pandemic, but it does not mean that all students have returned to school; some are attending classes online.

One of the Dubai schools has seen a 25 per cent hike in school students opting for online classes over offline school classes.


Some students attend five days of classes a week, whereas some students of Grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 attend classes only three or two days per the American curriculum school in Dubai Knowledge Park.

Some students opted for online classes so that they could efficiently juggle between their sports or other activities and schools as well.

One of the students who chose online classes said, “As a competitive swimmer, my schedule for training and meets is very tough. iCademy Middle East and the Knowledge Hub have allowed me to achieve good grades and still have time to swim at the highest level.”

Prioritizing the safety of children, the education sector has been working fully online for the last two years with authorities. Within days, students transitioned into online classrooms and mastered virtual learning.

Before the reopening of schools, a new COVID19 update has been made in UAE, including that students must get PCR tests after the summer break. The students aged 12 and above are asked to bring a PCR test report before coming to the school.

The update states that students above twelve must have a PCR test report while returning to school after a long summer break.


The update includes that the PCR negative test report must not exceed ninety-six hours from the starting first day of school after the summer break.

Students above twelve years are obliged to submit their PCR test reports, but Teachers and other staff are also asked to show their negative PCR test report, which is not older than 96 hours from the first day of joining.
The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority shared this update on COVID19 on Tuesday, August 23, 2022.

Other updates during the announcement stated that bus drivers and bus attendants must continue wearing masks and sanitizing their hands while on the job.

In addition, The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority updated that Masks must be worn while inside for all, and remote learning is available for students and staff infected with COVID-19.

Students who could not get COVID19 doses for health reasons or who have been exempt from vaccinations can attend classes.

Tariq Saeed

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