Dubai: The Crossing sets to open its doors for visitors; offering lip-smacking Indian Cuisine

Located at The H Hotel Dubai, The Crossing is joining forces with confessed connoisseurs of Dubai’s most brilliant Indian food – to hold a special dinner.

The Crossing is set to open its doors to give all the visitors the finest Indian Cuisine in the town; Visitors can book their tickets to the most significant food fest in Dubai via online registration.


On Thursday around 7:30 pm, the restaurant is going to organize the food fest on October 27; the Crossing and Time Out Dubai’s dinner features an exclusive tasting menu you’ll be talking about for days to come.

Plus, it’s stupendously good value too. For just Dhs299 per person, you’ll get an innovative take on chaat to start, small plates to share, three grills to share, and a several choices in main courses, from slow-cooked lamb shank to creamy butter chicken, all served with pieces of bread, rice, dal and raita, and followed up with desserts.

That’s not all three drinks included, including super fun Indian-inspired mixed drinks, grape and hops.

The Crossing serves up an explosion of Indian fusion flavours along with impacts and inspirations from France, Portugal, the Caribbean and even Great Britain, so you’re in for a treat regarding food and drink.

Have you geared up for a fragrant feast? Luckily, you have two opportunities to book on Thursday, October 27.


Early birds can come along at 7.30 pm to enjoy the mega menu and if you prefer a later sitting, come along at 9.30 pm.

With its blended approach to cooking, an intimate setting with stunning décor and the sophisticated ambience of H Dubai, The Crossing is bound to become your new favourite spot.

Tariq Saeed

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