Dubai’s 13-year-old ranks in A-level exams in Maths

A god-gifted teenager is challenging himself by sitting in exams a year ahead of schedule. Schoolboy secures A* in the A-level exams held in Dubai at just age 13.

A god-gifted teenager is challenging himself by sitting in exams a year ahead of schedule. Schoolboy secures A* in the A-level exams held in Dubai at just age 13.

Thirteen-year-old Alex George is studying at Hartland International School. The schoolboy is determined to follow his dreams and to succeed in the university challenge. The school-going boy aspires to start his education journey at a very high pace.


The young Mathimatic marvel has been participating in the school’s learning programme in maths for the last three years in a row.

The mother of thirteen-year-old boy Alex Geroge belongs to Turkmenistan, whereas his father is from India.

Last year in January, the young schoolboy appeared in mathematics IGCSE exams, where he outperformed by getting the highest grade possible on the paper. He ranked at the top level.

Alex George is getting impressive results in his studies which is years advance of his age.

Alex said he was excited to be doing something so early, primarily because of the challenge, because there’s no point in doing something that’s easy for you. In addition, he said that one should constantly challenge themselves. That is the reason he is trying that with the A-levels.

Alex said the exam content was reasonably tricky, but there were more questions than usual, so it was more about your time management than difficulty.


I am in the United States, so I woke up at 4 am to find out the results. It was pretty surprising for me because I felt like I had messed up the first exam since I wasn’t expecting the extra questions, says Alex.

Thirteen-year-old school-going teen age boy said that when he saw the exam results, he had mixed feelings. He was happy and relieved at the same time.

Alex is also a former UAE national school-level chess champion. At eight, he was the UAE school’s chess champion in 2017 and again in 2019.


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