Dubai’s popular tourist attraction, Global Village to close its doors on Sunday

The most popular attraction of Dubai, Global village, will be closing at 2 am on Sunday, providing visitors one final day to relish the event. 

The most popular attraction of Dubai, Global village, will be closing at 2 am on Sunday, providing visitors one final day to relish the event. 

Acrobats amused visitors during the opening day of Global Village’s 26th year. 


The people who love Dubai’s Global Village now have just a single day left to relish the 26th season of the same, as it is shutting its doors for summer around 2 am on Sunday, May 8. 

The most-popular family attraction, which was set to close its doors for the summer season on April 10, added more than four weeks to the season, making the citizens happy as they are obsessed with Global village. The village will now be opening for the last day around 5 pm on Saturday. It will be shutting its doors on Sunday and will be providing the visitors one final night to relish this year’s most favorable attraction. 

The Global Village celebrates its 26th season with almost 26 pavilions representing around 80 cultures worldwide. 

The continents and countries that are represented are Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, China, Europe, Bahrain, Iran, Palestine, Syria, Turkey, India, Yemen, Kuwait, South Korea, Morocco, Lebanon, Pakistan, Thailand, Africa, Americas, Egypt, Iraq, Japan and Russia. 

The new attraction for the 26th season included a Peter Rabbit Adventure Zone, which shows a series of interactive and fun activity areas based on the most-loved childhood character. 

The show that has been acclaimed internationally, Burn The Floor, also gave its regional debut during the event and also had a regular slot on the attraction’s main stage. The high-voltage show shows daring choreography by a team of international characters. 


There is no requirement for pre-booking the event, as they can be easily bought upon arrival at the venue itself. Individuals can also avail themselves through the Global Village website or their official app. The tickets cost Dh15 if they are bought online or Dh20 if they are purchased at the gate. 



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