Egypt's Transport Ministry advances Arish-Taba Logistic Corridor to boost trade and development
Egypt's Transport Ministry advances Arish-Taba Logistic Corridor to boost trade and development

Cairo, Egypt: The Ministry of Transport stated that implementation of the directives of President Abdul Fattah El-Sisi, the President of the Republic, to make Egypt a global centre for trade and logistics and in the framework of following the implementation of one of the most important logistic corridors being built to implement presidential directives, which is the Arish / Taba Logistic Corridor, which starts from the Arish Sea Port to the Taba Wild Port and connects them the Arish Railway line / Taba, an extension of the Al-Firdan / Beer El-Abd / Arish line passed in the heavy industries area in the middle of Sinai.

According to the official update, the team Engineer Kamel Al-Wazir – Minister of Transport, inspects the work sites in the 100 km long rehabilitation and development of the Al-Fardan / Beer El-Abd railway line project (22 km long intervals distances and 64 km long rehabilitated where the current Railway is lifted, the bridge is rehabilitated and a new slip section is laid Reinstalling the Railway again and reinstalling the Railway that was previously stolen during the security inflation period with a total length of 14 km) and also the railway line from Balouza to the East Port of Port Said is 44 km long (the part of this section is about 24 km long from the Basalt and Duck girdle Railway).


In addition to the creation of new bridges and the installation of a new railway of 20 km long to reach the East Port of Port Said with the aim of connecting the East Port to the railway network lines to maximize the transport of goods by rail).

Where this tour comes in the context of the follow-up project of rehabilitation, development and creation of the Al-Fardan / East Port Said / Beer El-Abd / Arish / Taba, a total length of about 500 km, whereas the minister made progress in the estimates of the establishment of the Well-Abd Al-Arish line 81 in length and also the creation of the Arish / Palm line / Stretch / Taba 275 km long.

As the Minister of Transport followed, work is progressing in renewing and restoring the efficiency of stations, as the Roads and Major company belonging to the Ministry of Transport completed the renovation works of Beer El-Abd station within 45 days, and work is underway to restore efficiency and renew other stations such as Qantara East, Jalbana, Ramana and Balawza, and a new station will be created in Arish.

As the minister followed, the progress of the construction of a new metal tower in the Al-Fardan region and the rehabilitation of the existing bridge, the Al-Firdan Bridge is a 640 meters long metal tower consisting of two parts that passes above the Suez Canal and were built in 2001, and it connects the railway lines west of the Suez Canals with Sinai, for greater purpose Development on the Sinai Peninsula and increasing the rate of passenger and goods transportation between the valley and Sinai.

The works include the creation of a new double metal bridge on the new Suez Canal, consisting of two parts; each part is 320 meters long, the rehabilitation and the doubling of the railway line on the existing bridge, and the construction of lines Railway to connect the Kobrians in the island between the two canals and to connect the Kubri west of the Channel with the Benha Port Said line and the east of the Channel with Al-Firdan line Rafah line, and the creation of a signal tower east of the Suez Canal and the creation of the cigarettes below the Suez Canals to extend the network lines (water – electricity – signals) and the creation of an administrative zone east of the Canal The new Suez.

And emphasized intensifying the work to speed up the completion of the project according to the planned schedule.


In press statements on the margin of his tour, the team said engineer Kamel El-Wazir, one of the most important components of the Al-Arish / Taba logistic passage, was followed today. It is a project of rehabilitation, development and creation of the railway line of Al-Fardan / East Port Said / Beer El-Abd / Arish / Taba with a total length of about 500 km, where this line will serve as transportation. Passengers and goods, where residential, industrial and mining assemblies will serve in Sinai by linking factories to railway connections and then exporting via Arish Port and Taba to abroad, where this line connects to the railway network across the republic.

Referring to the fact that the Arish / Taba logistic corridor is a new development corridor that contributes to the achievement of comprehensive development in Sinai and has many economic returns, and will serve the people of the north, central and south of Sinai.

In a connected context and in the context of the Egyptian government’s plan for the development of Sinai and the plan of the Ministry of Transport to raise the efficiency of the roads in north and central Sinai and most importantly the Qantara East of the Double Arish Road 170 km long, the team checks out an Engineer / Minister of Transport accompanied by Major General Hossam El-Din Mustafa, the head of the General Authority for Roads and Roads and the leadership of the authority Efficiency uplifting works and widening the distance from Kantara East up to 19 km long, which are carried out within the presidential initiative Hayah Karima at a cost of 153.6 million pounds, where a third lane is added towards Kantara East, as the Minister of Transport followed during his tour, efficiency improvement works with the paving layer recycling technique (FDR) In the distance from Beer El-Abd ambush to an ambush of about 52 kilometers long in the direction of Qantara East at a cost of 300 million pounds.

It is worth mentioning that in the framework of the comprehensive plan to develop the road network in northern Sinai, the Ministry of Transport implements a patrol maintenance plan to protect roads from air factors (floods – sand dunes movement).



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