Israel warns UAE of future crisis if aviation security dispute is not resolved

Israel has warned the United Arab Emirates of the potential crisis, which might take place between both countries over the aviation security dispute. 

Dubai, UAE: Israel has warned the United Arab Emirates of the potential crisis, which might take place between both countries over the aviation security dispute. 

Israel might halt flight services to the Gulf nation over security concerns disagreement between the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) and Dubai security authorities. 


The disagreement concerns with the airport arrangements raised by Shin Bet, noting that Dubai security authorities have failed to provide adequate necessary security to the Israeli airlines. 

Shin Bet asserted, “Over the past few months, security arguments have been revealed between the competent bodies in Dubai and the Israeli aviation security system in a way that does not permit for the responsible enactment of security for Israeli aviation.” 

Meanwhile, speaking on the condition of anonymity, one of the Israeli high-rank officials cited, “If El Al can’t fly to the Emirates, then Emirati companies can’t land here. The crisis could be regional, not just bilateral“.  

Though, no official statement has yet been issued by Dubai security authorities on the matter. 

Shin Bet further cites, “At the same time, if the flights of Israeli companies are stopped on this route, the possibility of transferring Israeli flights to Abu Dhabi is being examined. It should be emphasized that the disputes are [regarding] a security basis that is contrary to the standards used at the airport in Dubai, and do not come from a political or regional basis at all”.  

About El Al: 


El Al Israel Airlines Limited, trading as El Al, is the – flag carrier of Israel. Since its inaugural flight from Geneva to Tel Aviv in the month of September 1948, the airline has expanded its flight services to more than 50 destinations across the world. 

The first route of Israel-UAE was launched in August 2020, after Abraham Accords was signed. Israeli airlines Israir and Arkia have also launched regular flights between Tel Aviv and Dubai.


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