Rehabilitation Work Begins on North Runway of Zayed International Airport

The rehabilitation project is a critical component of the airport's strategic initiative to accommodate the increasing demands of air traffic, improve capacity, and boost overall operational efficiency

Zayed International Airport’s North Runway Rehabilitation Project Takes Off Under GCAA Guidance

Authorities have officially commenced work on the rehabilitation of the North Runway at Zayed International Airport, marking a significant step in the ongoing Building Better Airports campaign.


The announcement was made today via a post on X, highlighting the collaborative efforts led by the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) to enhance the airport’s infrastructure and operational capabilities.

The rehabilitation project is a critical component of the airport’s strategic initiative to accommodate the increasing demands of air traffic, improve capacity, and boost overall operational efficiency.

The GCAA, which is overseeing the project, is committed to ensuring that the runway meets all necessary regulatory standards before it receives final approval for operational use.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the GCAA emphasized the importance of the project in addressing the evolving needs of the aviation sector.The rehabilitation of the North Runway is essential for meeting the growing air traffic demands.

By enhancing the capacity and operational efficiency of Zayed International Airport, we aim to provide a superior experience for passengers and support the broader objectives of the aviation industry in the UAE.”

To further enhance the customer experience, Zayed International Airport has also introduced discounted parking rates for the summer. This initiative is designed to provide convenient and cost-effective options for travelers who wish to leave their vehicles at the airport while they are away.


The discounted rates, available until August 31, can be availed by pre-booking slots online. The parking facility, located just two minutes away from the departures area, offers an added layer of convenience for passengers.

In addition to the parking discounts, the airport has launched a storage facility aimed at transit travelers. This service allows passengers on long-haul flights with layovers in the UAE to store their luggage securely while they explore the country.

This initiative is particularly beneficial for those who wish to make the most of their stopover without the burden of carrying their suitcases around.

The Building Better Airports campaign reflects Zayed International Airport’s commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. By investing in infrastructure upgrades and introducing customer-centric services, the airport aims to position itself as a leading hub in the region.

The North Runway rehabilitation project is expected to bring significant benefits to the airport and its users. Enhanced runway conditions will lead to improved flight operations, reduced delays, and increased safety.

These improvements are crucial as the airport prepares to handle higher volumes of traffic in the coming years.

Local businesses and the broader community are also anticipated to benefit from the project. The construction and operational phases are expected to create job opportunities and stimulate economic activity in the region. Moreover, the improved airport infrastructure will support tourism and business travel, further contributing to the local economy.

As the project progresses, the GCAA will continue to provide updates on the development and timelines. The authority reassures passengers and stakeholders that all necessary measures are being taken to minimize disruption during the rehabilitation work.

The commencement of the North Runway rehabilitation project at Zayed International Airport marks a significant milestone in the airport’s ongoing efforts to enhance its facilities and services.

With a focus on meeting future demands and improving the overall travel experience, the airport is poised to continue its trajectory of growth and excellence in the aviation industry.


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Tariq Saeed

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