UAE COVID: 558 new cases; 100% population is partially vaccinated

The Middle East country recorded a total of 558 on Saturday, March 5, 202, according to the data shared by the Ministry of Health.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: The Middle East country recorded a total of 558 on Saturday, March 5, 202, according to the data shared by the Ministry of Health. Although no additional death related to the COVID-19 has been recorded by the healthcare authorities of the United Arab Emirates. 

These additional cases of the COVID-19 mutant have been reported from a total of 882,477 COVID-19 tests conducted by the healthcare facilities of the Middle East country. 


Meanwhile, there are a total of 1,623 individuals who recovered from the deadliest viral disease in the past 24 hours as of Saturday. With the arrival of these recoveries, the total count of COVID-19 recoveries increased to 882,477.   

At the present time, the death toll of the COVID-19 virus stands at 2,301, according to the data shared by the Ministry of Health in their report. 

In addition, a total of 8,176 additional doses of the novel coronavirus vaccines were administered in the last 24 hours. 

The COVID-19 vaccination statics of the country: 

As of Saturday, March 4, 2022, there are a total of 9,890,206 individuals who have received their at least first dose of the WHO-approved COVID-19 vaccines and are hence partially vaccinated against the deadliest virus, computing for nearly 100% of the total population.  

On the other hand, there are a total of 9,504,727 persons in the Middle East country who have taken their recommended number of the COVID-19 vaccines and are fully vaccinated. This number represents around 96.1% of the total population.  


In terms of the booster shots, there are a total of 4,785,002 individuals who are fully vaccinated and have also taken their booster shots. This toll of individuals represents around 48.4% of the total targeted population, according to the statics shared by the health ministry. 



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