UAE: COVID testing station at Al-Nasr Club is now closed

Dubai Health Authority (DHA) in the United Arab Emirates announced the closure of an RT-PCR testing screening site.

Abu Dhabi, UAE: Dubai Health Authority (DHA) in the United Arab Emirates announced the closure of an RT-PCR testing screening site. The services of the COVID-19 testing centre will be transferred to the RT-PCR sites, which come under DHA. 

DHA provided the information via the official social media handle. The health agency of the Middle East nation tweeted, “We announce that the #COVID19 PCR screening station at Al-Nasr Club will be closed & the service will be transferred to another PCR centre under DHA. Starting 11th April 2022.”    


Meanwhile, the COVID-19 pandemic situation in the United Arab Emirates is getting back on track, as this week, it recorded the lowest margin of fresh novel coronavirus cases (215). Moreover, UAE has not recorded a single death in the past four weeks, which is eventually a good sign of recovery. The COVID-19 recovery rate of the country also remains stable. 

Though the situation is improving, the Ministry of Health and Prevention has asked the UAE population to take care of themselves and their loved ones by following the basic COVID health protocols.  

Even during the time of Ramadan, the UAE health ministry is reminding the general public to follow required and essential health measures, such as – drinking an adequate amount of water during the times of iftar and suhoor. 

Speaking on the benefits of keeping a fast during the time of Ramadan, the health ministry stated fasting assists one in regulating the “bad” cholesterol, detoxing the body and also boost mental health and improving ones’ mood. 



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