UAE: EDGE Secures Largest-Ever Order for Unmanned Helicopter Systems

The contract, valued as a milestone deal, underscores the strategic partnership between EDGE and ANAVIA, a Switzerland-based entity specializing in developing and manufacturing autonomous aerial capabilities

EDGE, a prominent advanced technology and defence group, has clinched a historic contract with the UAE Ministry of Defence.

The agreement involves the delivery of an unprecedented 200 HT-100 and HT-750 unmanned helicopters, establishing a new record for the largest order of unmanned helicopter systems.


These autonomous aerial vehicles’ cutting-edge VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) capabilities are set to elevate the UAE’s defence and reconnaissance capabilities.

The contract, valued as a milestone deal, underscores the strategic partnership between EDGE and ANAVIA, a Switzerland-based entity specializing in developing and manufacturing autonomous aerial capabilities.

The collaboration aims to bolster EDGE’s standing as a global leader in defence technology while advancing the UAE’s sovereign capabilities across air, land, and naval domains.

ANAVIA, now a key player under the EDGE umbrella, will spearhead the unmanned helicopter manufacturing of the HT-100 and HT-750.

These multi-role vehicles are designed for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions and logistics operations.

The compact HT-100 and its larger counterpart, the HT-750, are engineered to transport heavy payloads while maintaining exceptional flight stability, setting a new standard for autonomous flying.


Khaled Al Zaabi, President of Platform and Systems at EDGE Group, expressed the significance of this landmark deal, stating, “This marks a significant milestone for both the HT-100 and HT-750 systems and EDGE.

It’s the first order by the UAE Ministry of Defence for these advanced aircraft and the most significant order ever for ANAVIA, reinforcing the confidence placed in these exceptional products from customers around the world.”

The agreement with the UAE Ministry of Defence follows EDGE’s acquisition of a 52 per cent majority shareholding in ANAVIA in November 2023.

This move has strategically aligned the two entities, enabling EDGE to expand its technological capabilities across multiple domains.

ANAVIA’s expertise in developing unmanned helicopters capable of mission-critical surveillance, reconnaissance, and transportation complements EDGE’s diverse air, land, and maritime capabilities portfolio.

Al Zaabi further emphasized EDGE’s commitment to mutually beneficial partnerships on a global scale, highlighting the collaboration with ANAVIA as a prime example.

He stated, “It exemplifies EDGE’s strategy of pursuing mutually beneficial partnerships worldwide, allowing us to expand the scope of our technological capabilities while ensuring sustainable growth for both partners.”

The groundbreaking order positions EDGE as a trailblazer in the field of unmanned aerial systems, showcasing the group’s commitment to innovation and excellence in defence technology.

As the HT-100 and HT-750 unmanned helicopters roll off the production line, they are poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of autonomous flying and enhancing the defence capabilities of the UAE Ministry of Defence.

This historic collaboration reinforces the global demand for advanced unmanned systems and solidifies EDGE’s role as a driving force in shaping the landscape of defence technology on a global scale.


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Tariq Saeed

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