UAE: New COVID19 rules you need to keep in mind while stepping out

Most of the COVID19 rules have been relaxed by the government of the UAE government. On Monday, the UAE’s NCEMA, The National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority, announced that wearing protective face masks for COVID19 norms is not mandatory from September 28.

UAE has been under strict and rigid COVID-19 norms, but on Monday, the government announced the relaxation, which came into force today.

The UAE’s spokesperson praised the citizens’ devotion and commitment to following COVID19 rules and regulations for the last two years. Covid 19 infections are declining, and deaths caused by the virus remain virtually zero.

The spokesperson also added that this devotion by the citizens to follow the rules and regulations of COVID19 has led to stabilizing the situation of the nation and has brought the COVID19 rates to zero.

Even after the relaxation of COVID-19 rules, there are some places where wearing masks are mandatory. Face protective Covers must be worn at schools, flights, hospitals, quarantines and crowded public places.

Last month the UAE’s government announced mandatory rules for schools COVID19 guidelines of UAE is compulsory to wear masks in restaurants, bars, hotels, schools, offices and public transport in The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority of UAE.

UAE’s National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority announced that students 12 years old and above 12 are obliged to submit the PCR test report to the school on the first day of return after summer vacation.

The update includes that the PCR test report must not exceed ninety-six hours from the first day of returning to school.

Face masks are not needed outside but are required indoors. Social distancing restrictions are now prioritized to ensure the safety of school students and staff.

These new guidelines of COVID19 in UAE reflect a vastly improved situation within the nation. But attention is still needed to keep new infections at the current low.


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