UAE: Public school authorities introduced new school bus rules

The Administrations of Public schools in the UAE have developed new rules and regulations for school buses and disseminated the information to students and their families.

The Administrations of Public schools in the UAE have developed new rules and regulations for school buses and disseminated the information to students and their families.

The new academic year, 2022 – 2023, has started, new rules and regulations developed by public school administration instructed school bus drivers to wait for one minute outside every student’s residence.


The circular updated by the public school administration states that the parents should put the school bags in front of their house to notify the driver and supervisor that the student is going to attend school.

Institutions have contacted parents to cooperate with the administration and school bus driver along with supervisors to ensure that students follow the rules related to bus security and safety.

Children are always instructed to wear seatbelts, not walk when the bus is being driven, or stand on the seats. Students should not shout and make annoying noises, and They should also maintain the cleanliness of the bus and its furniture, not tamper with the contents, and respect the bus driver.

The students are expected not to talk or distract their bus driver and should also refrain from taking their hands out of the bus when it is in motion.

If a student damages the bus, they will be prevented from using it for one to three days, and the caretaker will be held accountable for the damages.

School officials stressed that guardians must ensure that someone will receive the child, especially those in cycle 1, when the bus drops them home after school. The bus or supervisor must be informed if a parent picks up the child from school.


The rules also restrict the guardian from joining the school bus for any reason. They must contact the school authority if they want to object to the driver or supervisor.

The circular explained that the administration and the transportation firm would take necessary measures according to the code of conduct for non-compliance with the rules.


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