UAE records 318 new COVID cases with 0 deaths today

In United Arab Emirates, additional 318 individuals tested positive for the viral infection of COVID-19.

Abu Dhabi, UAE: In United Arab Emirates, additional 318 individuals tested positive for the viral infection of COVID-19. The tests results were confirmed by the healthcare authorities of the Middle East nation on Sunday, March 13, 2022. A total of 341,261 additional tests were conducted. 

The data shared by the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention notes that for the present time, the overall total toll of the active infections of the novel coronavirus stands at 31,779, whereas the confirmed cases are at 885,407. 

Along with these new cases, a total of 1,170 patients recovered from the deadliest mutant in the last24 hours and have been discharged from the hospital facilities as of March 13. With this, the recovery rate of the UAE has increased to 851,326. 

The health ministry informed that no additional death had been recorded today (on March 13); therefore, the total death rate of the United Arab Emirates for the current time remains at 2,302. 

In terms of inoculation statics, to date, there are a total of 9,890,256 individuals who have taken their at least first dose of the COVID-19 vaccines and are in the category of partially vaccinated. This number of individuals represents about 100% of the total targeted population. 

On the other hand, there are a total of 9,544,097 citizens of the Middle East country who have taken their recommended number of the WHO-approved COVID-19 vaccines and hence are fully vaccinated against the deadliest viral disease, counting for around 96.5% of the total population. 

Meanwhile, there are a total of 4,861,061 individuals who are fully vaccinated and have also taken their booster shots. This number computes for nearly 49.1% of the total UAE targeted eligible population. 

Additionally, the capital city of UAE – Abu Dhabi, eases COVID-19 travel health protocols for inbound travellers from India. The statement of the authorities cites, “Fully vaccinated inbound travellers from India no longer need to take a rapid RTPCR test at Indian airports before boarding their flight. They are, however, still required to show an official COVID-19 vaccination certificate with a readable QR code upon arrival.” 



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