UAE Weather: Rain showers predicted in coming days

Rain fell around several parts of the United Arab Emirates on Sunday, July 10, as forecasters warned that more rain is predicted in the coming days.

Rain fell around several parts of the United Arab Emirates on Sunday, July 10, as forecasters warned that more rain is predicted in the coming days.

Heavy showers were witnessed in Ras Al Khaimah, Al Ain and many parts in the nation’s east as the unsettled weather continues in the country.

The NCM (National Centre of Meteorology) gave a warning of further rain, with winds of around 45 km per hour forming into dust clouds, creating low visibility on the roads and creating waves of around 1.6 metres in the Arabian Gulf.

Moreover, a significant reduction in temperatures with highs of 42C and lows of 23C are expected.

The centre stated in its Sunday forecast that it would be partly cloudy in general, and rainfall is also predicted.

Earlier, the NCM posted on its social media channel video showing heavy rain and leaden skies in Al Ain.

A UAE group, Storm Centre, that tracks extreme weather, also posted a video which showed torrential rain in Al Foah with dark skies over Hatta.

Rain showers were also seen in the Bani Yas neighbourhood of Abu Dhabi.

Police officials in Abu Dhabi warned drivers to drive carefully and go within the speed limits.

The officials in Abu Dhabi can also limit the speed on some roads in extreme weather, and police asked drivers to follow the electric signs that show the permitted limit.

Looking ahead, the NCM forecasted similar weather during the next few days.

There is a prediction of rain during the next few days, while heavy winds can also be expected as the unsettled weather continues.

Thunder was also seen in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday night, and rain showers fell in the suburbs.


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