UAE Weather update: NCM predicts rain during weekend

More unsettled weather is predicted for the United Arab Emirates after three days of continuous rain in Al Ain and Abu Dhabi.

More unsettled weather is predicted for the United Arab Emirates after three days of continuous rain in Al Ain and Abu Dhabi.

The capital of UAE woke up to more light showers on Friday morning, July 8, which could persist on and off throughout the whole day and as well the weekend.


The temperature is expected to be as high as 39°C in Dubai, and 37°C in Abu Dhabi, while temperatures in Fujairah will be slightly cooler, reaching 34°C.

The National Centre of Meteorology posted a video online of rain falling down on the Dubai – Al Ain road on Friday morning, July 8.

Furthermore, police officials in Abu Dhabi have called for drivers to be careful on the road.

High winds on the coast could reach as high as 35kph, causing low visibility for drivers as dust and sand will be swept into the skies.

There is also a chance of rain on Saturday, July 9, particularly in eastern and southeastern areas, which could also spread to the coast.

Winds reach as high as 40kph, which could cause blowing dust and sand that will further reduce visibility.


Sunday will be slightly cooler, and there is also a chance of heavy showers as convective clouds from over the east and south likely to stretch over the coast.

The unsettled weather will persist into the beginning of next week, with Tuesday evening set to be quite humid.

Tariq Saeed


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