UAE witnessed recent rise in COVID-19 cases with 1084 infections

The United Arab Emirates reported more than 1000 new cases of Covid-19 infection on Friday, June 10, showing a recent rise in infection rates in the country.

The United Arab Emirates reported more than 1000 new cases of Covid-19 infection on Friday, June 10, showing a recent rise in infection rates in the country.

A total of 1084 infections were found while 876 people recovered, with zero deaths recorded in the last 24 hours.


The total number of active cases is now 15,439.

UAE authorities have announced a total of 915,068 infections, 897,324 recoveries and 2,305 casualties since the beginning of the pandemic.

The recent rise in cases was detected as a result of 247,277 additional PCR tests.

A total of 164.5 million tests have been conducted in the country to date.

In recent days, the number of cases has been on the rise exceeding the mark of 1000 on Thursday for the first time ever since of the mid of February.

The increase showed a significant decline in cases after the month of February this year, with infections touching 3000 in January.


Authorities have been consistently calling on the public to stay dedicated to safety measures to support the recovery of the country from the pandemic.

Other than this, the UAE has also been taking up several measures regarding the recent outbreak of Monkeypox in the world, as the UAE has witnessed three cases of the virus last month.

The Health Officials have urged citizens to take precautions not only regarding COVID-19 infection but also Monkeypox.


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