28,000 Saudi Arab women applied for 30 train drivers vacancies

In recent job recruitment for thirty (30) female train drivers in Saudi Arabia, around 28,000 applications have been recorded.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: In recent job recruitment for thirty (30) female train drivers in Saudi Arabia, around 28,000 applications have been recorded.

This huge number of applications comes when the Middle East state is opening tons of doors of opportunities for women. The 30 women who will fill the vacancies will ride bullet trains in the route between the cities of Mecca and Medina after a year of paid training.


On Wednesday, the railway operator of Spain, Renfe, stated, “The online assessment of academic background as well as the English language skills had helped it to decline the number of candidates by approximately a half, and it would work through the rest by the middle of March.”

This is indeed surely a massive step taken to empower women, proving that a lady can do whatever she wants, of which a large number of applications are proof. Earlier, the job profiles in Saudi Arabia for women has been limited to teachers, doctors and other medical staff. This has been due to the strict gender segregation rules.

The history traces back to the time when females were not permitted to drive until 2018.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman opened and still provides numerous opportunities to the women of the Middle East country, which resulted in the rise of 33% in the participation of women in the workforce.

Equal opportunities are being provided to women as of to men, strengthening the Saudi Arabian females. Now, women in the Middle East state are becoming independent as well grabbing the job profiles which were earlier only limited for their male counterparts.

Moreover, the situation of gender inequality has also witnessed an improvement in Saudi Arabia, granting women freedom and lifting them up. Apart from this, the share of Saudi Arab women in the labour market also soared the previous year.



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