Afghanistan: Detained journalists freed by Taliban

Two journalists who were Afghan nationals and were detained by the Taliban have now been freed.

Kabul, Afghanistan: Two journalists who were Afghan nationals and were detained by the Taliban have now been freed. Both of the journalists were released hours after the United Nations organization’s refugee agency made the news public, noting that both of them used to work with the agency while expressing their concern.

U.N. refugee agency asserted, “We are relieved that we can confirm the release in Kabul of the two journalists on assignment with UNHCR, and the Afghan nationals working with them. We are grateful to all who expressed concern and offered help. We remain committed to the people of Afghanistan”.

Meanwhile, the Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid, speaking on the detention of journalists, stated, “Foreign nationals who identified themselves with an international organization were detained because they did not have the necessary identity cards, licenses, and document”.

On the other hand, on Friday, the Taliban released a statement noting that it has detained foreign nationals on the charges of working for Western intelligence agencies.

Soon after getting the news of the detention of journalists, the international agency stated, “Two journalists on assignment with UNHCR and Afghan nationals working with them have been detained in Kabul. We are doing our utmost to resolve the situation in coordination with others. We will make no further comment given the nature of the situation.”

Recently, the Islamic state Taliban-led administration arrested the women human rights activists, which was condemned by the world leaders.








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