Beautician Sentenced to Jail and Deportation for Extortion in Dubai Court

The verdict came after the court found her guilty of threatening to tarnish the reputation of a 57-year-old Australian consultant unless he paid her Dh1 million

In a recent ruling by the Dubai Criminal Court, a 45-year-old beautician faced consequences for her extortion tactics, as she was sentenced to three months in jail, followed by deportation.

The verdict came after the court found her guilty of threatening to tarnish the reputation of a 57-year-old Australian consultant unless he paid her Dh1 million.


The case, heard last Wednesday, shed light on a tumultuous relationship between the Polish defendant and the Australian consultant, characterized by intimacy and subsequent discord.

The court proceedings revealed that the relationship soured when the defendant, upon discovering the consultant’s marital status, demanded compensation for the fallout.

According to records presented during the trial, the couple’s liaison commenced in September 2022 but came to an abrupt end in March 2023 when the consultant decided to prioritize his marriage and family.

However, tensions escalated post-breakup, with the defendant allegedly resorting to threats and harassment tactics to coerce monetary gain from the consultant.

In a statement during court proceedings, the consultant’s Emirati lawyer, Awatif Mohammad of Awatif Shoqi Advocates, highlighted the defendant’s persistence in her extortion attempts despite his client’s payment of Dh300,000 in a bid to safeguard his family’s unawareness of the affair.

The lawyer further emphasized the defendant’s utilization of sensitive personal information, including intimate photographs of the couple, to intimidate the consultant.


The defendant’s actions reportedly extended to contacting the consultant’s wife, children, and other family members, amplifying the threat of reputation damage.

Faced with escalating pressure and fearing the repercussions on his family and reputation, the consultant ultimately reported the matter to the authorities in May of the preceding year.

The legal proceedings not only led to the criminal conviction of the defendant but also sparked a civil case initiated by the consultant’s legal counsel.

The civil case seeks temporary compensation of Dh51,000 to address the emotional distress inflicted upon the consultant due to the defendant’s actions.

The verdict handed down by the Criminal Court reflects a firm stance against extortion and harassment, as evidenced by the punitive measures imposed on the defendant.

In addition to the prison sentence and deportation order, the court directed the referral of the civil case to the Civil Court for further adjudication.

The ruling serves as a reminder of the legal consequences accompanying extortion and harassment in the UAE, reaffirming the commitment of the judicial system to uphold justice and protect individuals from exploitation and undue coercion.

As the case concludes with legal resolution, it underscores the importance of respecting privacy and personal boundaries in all interpersonal relationships, irrespective of their nature or duration.


This article was created using automation and was thoroughly edited and fact-checked by one of our editorial staff members

Tariq Saeed


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