World’s most expensive Pokemon card sold by Dubai collector to YouTube star Logan Paul

A collector residing in Dubai has disclosed how he sold the world's most high-priced Pokemon card to YouTube star Logan Paul for around $5.3 million (Dh19.4m).

A collector residing in Dubai has disclosed how he sold the world’s most high-priced Pokemon card to YouTube star Logan Paul for around $5.3 million (Dh19.4m).

In an interview, the collector known as Dubsy described how he purchased the card in 2015 for $60,000 before selling it last year.


Guinness World Records acknowledged the sale as the most expensive Pokemon card sold in a private deal.

Dubsy sold the holographic “PSA Grade 10 Pikachu Illustrator” card in 2021 at the Burj Al Arab.

The mysterious man, Dubsy, who denied disclosing his real identity beyond being a 40-year-man residing in Dubai, said that he purchased the card privately via an auction house back in 2005, and he paid $60,000 [Dh220,000] for the card.

Logan has been finding the card ever since he got into pokemon in 2020.

Dubsy further said that he wasn’t interested in selling the card, but Logan came in with an offer of $4m.

Dubsy stated he was persistent to preserve his anonymity when he met Paul to do the transaction at the Burj Al Arab in July 2021. He got a cash payment of $4m and another rare card worth over $1.25m.


The sale was made officially via Logan’s lawyer, who made a whole contract with full details, and the card exchange was done is the person when he was in Dubai.

Dubsy stated he had sold cards many times over the years, but this was his biggest sale.

The card was put on showcase by the YouTube star at the start of 2022 when he wore it in an appearance at WWE’s showpiece WrestleMania event in the month of April.

This month, it was reported that Paul had signed a multi-year deal with a sports entertainment company, but the details of the contract have not been disclosed.


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