Dubai Police Crack Down on Violations of Riding Rules, Seize 383 Motorcycles and E-Scooters

Last year, Dubai Police revealed alarming statistics, with five fatalities and 29 injuries resulting from e-scooter accidents in 2023 alone. Over 10,000 fines were issued to riders for traffic violations within an eight-month period

Dubai, April 3, 2024: In a bid to enhance road safety and curb violations during the holy month of Ramadan, Dubai Police have seized 383 motorcycles and electric scooters due to negligence and non-compliance with riding rules. 

The crackdown comes as authorities intensify efforts to promote awareness and instil a culture of responsible riding among road users.


According to a press statement released by Major General Abdullah Ali Al Ghaithi, Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Operations Affairs, the seized vehicles were involved in various violations, including riding in unauthorized areas, failure to wear helmets or reflective vests, lack of proper lighting, and inadequate braking systems. 

The initiative underscores Dubai Police’s commitment to reducing traffic accidents and preserving lives on the roads.

Last year, Dubai Police revealed alarming statistics, with five fatalities and 29 injuries resulting from e-scooter accidents in 2023 alone. Over 10,000 fines were issued to riders for traffic violations within an eight-month period. 

With fines of up to Dh300 imposed on individuals endangering their own lives and others, authorities are taking a firm stance against reckless riding practices.

E-scooters have gained popularity as a convenient mode of transport among residents. However, misuse of these vehicles has led to a surge in fines, averaging around 1,250 per month last year. 

To address this issue, Dubai Police have outlined specific traffic safety rules for e-scooter riders, emphasizing the importance of adhering to designated paths and respecting speed limits.


Key regulations include avoiding roads with speeds exceeding 60kmph, maintaining a maximum speed limit of 20kmph in residential areas and beaches, obeying traffic lights and road signs, and refraining from carrying additional passengers on e-bikes. 

Furthermore, riders are urged to park only in designated areas, dismount at pedestrian crossings, and refrain from riding against the flow of traffic.

The crackdown on riding violations underscores Dubai Police’s proactive approach to ensuring road safety. By enforcing strict penalties and promoting awareness campaigns; authorities aim to foster a culture of responsible riding and reduce the incidence of accidents on the city’s streets.

As the holy month of Ramadan approaches, Dubai Police are intensifying efforts to safeguard road users and uphold traffic regulations. 

The seizure of 383 motorcycles and e-scooters serves as a reminder to all residents to prioritize safety and adhere to riding rules, not only during Ramadan but throughout the year.

In light of these measures, Dubai Police urge all road users to exercise caution, follow traffic guidelines, and contribute to creating safer roads for everyone.


This article was created using automation and was thoroughly edited and fact-checked by one of our editorial staff members

Tariq Saeed


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