Dubai Police Apprehend Thieves Behind Al Furjan Villa Burglary

Irene Sutton expressed her relief at the swift action the authorities took to apprehend the perpetrators. She commended the police for preventing any further occurrences by bringing the thieves to justice

Irene Sutton Expresses Gratitude for Swift Action, Expects Partial Recovery of Stolen Goods

Dubai Police have successfully captured the culprits responsible for the brazen burglary that occurred in the Al Furjan community on March 9. The villa belonging to Irene Sutton and her husband, Andre Verdier, fell victim to the audacious act while the couple was away enjoying a well-deserved vacation.


The incident, which took place in the non-gated Quortaj area within the community, resulted in the theft of approximately Dh180,000 worth of valuables from the residence. 

In speaking about the ordeal, Irene Sutton expressed her relief at the swift action the authorities took to apprehend the perpetrators. She commended the police for preventing any further occurrences by bringing the thieves to justice.

Upon being summoned to the police headquarters on March 13, Sutton and Verdier were confronted with a multitude of stolen items recovered by the authorities. Among the recovered belongings were Sutton’s wedding ring, an Omega watch, and various pieces of jewellery. 

The couple identified these items among the evidence haul, marking a significant step towards the recovery of their stolen possessions.

Sutton lauded the proactive approach of Dubai Police, highlighting their immediate response to her son’s report of the burglary. The authorities swiftly mobilized the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) teams, ensuring a thorough investigation into the matter. 

Additionally, officers stationed themselves outside the Sutton-Verdier residence in the subsequent nights following the theft, vigilant for any potential return of the burglars.


Despite the apprehension of the thieves, Sutton remains pragmatic about the possibility of recovering all stolen goods. She acknowledged that certain documents housed within the safes taken by the perpetrators may have been irreparably damaged or lost. 

The couple now faces the arduous task of reissuing vital documents that were lost in the burglary. The collaborative efforts between Dubai Police and the affected residents exemplify the commitment to maintaining security and ensuring justice within the community. 

The apprehension of the suspects serves as a testament to the effectiveness of law enforcement in swiftly addressing criminal activities and providing reassurance to residents.

As the case progresses, Irene Sutton and Andre Verdier remain hopeful for the eventual recovery of their stolen belongings. In the meantime, they extend their gratitude to the authorities for their unwavering support and dedication throughout this challenging ordeal.

The apprehension of the thieves behind the Al Furjan villa burglary marks a significant victory for law enforcement and underscores the importance of community collaboration in combatting crime.


This article was created using automation technology and was thoroughly edited and fact-checked by one of our editorial staff members

Tariq Saeed


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