Dubai Police-Gulf Criminal Information Center’s workshop on ‘Secret Drug Factories’ concludes

Dr. Saleh Al-Saad reviewed the final recommendations, which included 17 recommendations to lift them to the heads of the Anti-Drug Administration of the Gulf Cooperative Society.

Regional workshop organized by the Criminal Information Center in cooperation with the General Administration for Anti-Drug Prevention General Administration of Dubai Police concluded yesterday “Wednesday” with the participation of “the potential risks of secret drug laboratories in the region”, with the participation of many governmental and gender authorities Oppression, institutions, international centers and security agencies specialized in the field of anti-drug.

Attended the closing ceremony of Judge Dr. Hatem Ali, Regional Director of the United Nations Office for Anti-Drugs and Crime in the Gulf Cooperative Council, Colonel Sakr Rashid Al-Marikhi, Director of the Criminal Information Center for Anti-Drug Prevention in the Gulf Cooperation Council, Colonel Khaled Ali bin Moi Deputy Director General Administration for Anti-Drugs Police in Dubai, and Colonel Abdullah Hassan Matar The tailor, the director of the International Protection Center for the Public Administration for Anti-Drug, and his deputy Colonel Dr. Abdulrahman Sharaf Al-Mumri, where the colonel Marikhi accompanied by Colonel Khaled bin Mouiza distributed testimonies to the participants in the workshop and the number of 45 officers.


Dr. Saleh Al-Saad reviewed the final recommendations, which included 17 recommendations to lift them to the heads of the Anti-Drug Administration of the Gulf Cooperative Society and the regional office of the United Nations for Anti-Drugs and Crime in the Gulf Cooperative Council.

The face of the General Saqr Rashid Al-Maryikhi, Director of the Information Center, thanks to the Highness of the team Abdullah Khalifa Al-Mari, the Chief of Police of Dubai, and to the happiness of General Khabir Khalil Ibrahim Al-Mansouri, Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Criminal Research Affairs, and to Colonel Eid Muhammad Thani, the Director of the General Administration for Anti-Mrain Darat, a reflection of their great efforts in the success of the distinctive workshop that honored the future with studies Predictions about the reality of drugs and its negative impact on our communities, our individuals and our youth, as well as the workshop had exposed many drug dealers and their secret factories to our areas, and what we should do towards the danger that is staring us, it is obvious that this workshop managed to take chemical transformation methods, how much I came to the experience of the National Agency for Anti-Crime with Methamphetamine in the Gulf and the Indian Ocean region, in honor of the work of Colonel Khoula Obaid Busmrah, the head of the Chemical Pastors Department of the General Administration for Anti-Drug Control by the Dubai Police, which took on the efforts of Dubai police to combat secret factories.

The director of the Criminal Information Center for Anti-Drug in the Gulf Cooperation Council added that the exchange of information and experiences has become a necessity among all the anti-narcotics workers around the world, why this information is of great importance in the making of many schemes that are being destroyed Our communities, our families and our youth, and this is why we appreciate the efforts of all anti-drug management agencies that I contributed to sending her officers to participate in this outstanding workshop.

In his turn, Colonel Khaled Ali bin Mouiza explained that the planet of participants in the regional workshop will be a strong and distinctive support for all anti-drug directors in the Arab country, and they will contribute strongly to the expansion of drug dealers in our Gulf region in general and the Emirates on the face of a Specifically, what the workshop included in the last three days of papers Outstanding work, and the participation of specialists for their long experience in field and practical work, Dr. Hatim Ali, the regional director of the United Nations Office for Anti-Drugs and Crime in the Gulf Cooperative Council countries, a very important paper, during which the reality of secret laboratories and spread Here’s the perspective of the Office on Drugs and Crime of the Gulf Cooperative Council, and this paper had an important spot Among the participants, for what it includes important and valuable information, in addition to the presentation of Mr. Ahmed Al-Dib of the International Drug Control Authority, aside from the manufacturing and smuggling of drugs at the international level, as well as many work markets and studies added to the experiences of the co-operative officers Yen in the workshop.

Following the end of the workshop, the Dubai Police organized touristic visits to the Future Museum, which features its unique oval design that simulates its archery goals to host the latest developments in technology and architectural designs, where the future museum is one of the most developed buildings inside and outside In the world, starting with its unique design and its diverse print and embodied with the magnificence of Arabic lines Engraved on it, reaching the use of 3D printing technology in construction operations, participants of the Dubai Expo 2020 workshop visited Dubai, learning about many wings and events.




Tariq Saeed


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