Dubai school group to provide one-year full scholarship to 70 students

A Dubai school group has offered a new scholarship programme to honour Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee and her 70th anniversary of the acquisition of the crown in 1952.

A Dubai school group has offered a new scholarship programme to honour Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee and her 70th anniversary of the acquisition of the crown in 1952.

GEMS Education will give 70 scholarships, each covering the entire expense of a year’s tuition fee. This will be given to students from 43 GEMS schools around all curricula. The scholarships that will be awarded will apply to the 2022-23 session.


The founder of GEMS Education, Sunny Varkey, states, “As the UAE’s oldest and biggest school operator, we have been delivering a world-class education based on the British curriculum ever since 1984 when we launched GEMS Cambridge International School in Dubai.

He further added, “This new scholarship programme is our method of giving back to our society while acknowledging our strong bonds with the United Kingdom and the incredible milestone of its much-loved monarch.”

Pupils of any age group can apply for the scholarship through a letter of application stressing the Queen’s contribution towards global citizenship and how these values line up with their own. They will also be told to prove how they have furthered these morals in themselves.

The Group Chief Executive Officer of GEMS Education, Dino Varkey, said they were glad to mark this historic occasion by giving a full year’s scholarship for each of the 70 years that the Queen has been serving on the throne.

He said it was an honour as well as a privilege to support and facilitate the students’ education from around the world via this new scholarship programme.

Scholarships will be open to pupils in all GEMS schools in Qatar and UAE.


British curriculum schools are in the majority of GEMS schools, with GEMS pupils of all ages today immersed in myriad activities marking the Platinum Jubilee, joining the festivities taking place across the United Kingdom.


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