Egyptian Minister of Environment Dr Yasmin Fouad explores Jordanian environmental tourism
Egyptian Minister of Environment Dr Yasmin Fouad explores Jordanian environmental tourism || Image Credits: Government of Egypt (Facebook)

Cairo, Egypt: The Minister of Environment of Egypt – Dr Yasmin Fouad, visited Wadi Ram and Aqaba marine reserves in Aqaba city to check Jordanian experience in environmental tourism.

Dr Yasmin Fouad stated, “The closeness between Egyptian and Jordanian nature and similar priorities strengthens bilateral cooperation in environmental tourism to produce a distinctive Arab tourism product.”


The Minister of Environment further mentioned, “We seek to exchange experiences between the two countries in engaging the local community in managing nature reserves and promoting the concept of environmental tourism.”

Moreover, she highlighted that she visited the Jordanian Wadi Ram Reserve, which was declared on the World Natural Heritage List, and she also visited the Aqaba Marine Reserve to stand on the Jordanian experience in protecting nature and environmental tourism. She also visited the Ram Valley Reserve.

Reportedly, in her first visit to the Ram Valley Reserve, Dr Yasmin Fouad, the Egyptian Minister of Environment, checked the management style of the reserve and the mechanisms of engaging the local communities in the valley and its area in the management process and introducing their different activities, heritage and traditions.

Dr Yasmin Fouad drew her interest in the exchange of experiences with sister nation Jordan, especially with the closeness in the nature of reserves in the two countries, similar priorities and interests in nature protection, preserving biodiversity and promoting environmental tourism, where Egypt seeks to spread the concept of environmental tourism, especially in protected areas, as a promising tourism product based on enjoying nature.

While preserving and protecting natural resources for the future, Egypt has taken a great interest for years in integrating local communities of nature reserves in its administration to be a key partner in its protection and management of sustainable management and has the opportunity to showcase their heritage, traditions, handmade products and experience in coexistence with the surrounding nature.

As per the update, the Egyptian Minister of Environment also pointed out a similarity between Wadi Ram Reserve in Jordan and Saint Catherine Reserve in South Sinai since they are UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites, which shows the great affinity between Jordanian and Egyptian experience in nature protection and environmental tourism.



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