Hobo cyclist ‘Hels on wheels’ visits Sohar; shares glimpses

Hels on Wheels daily vlogger and hobo cyclist is a local traveller and is currently on her tour to explore small towns across the Middle East.

Hels on Wheels daily vlogger and hobo cyclist is a local traveller and is currently on her tour to explore small towns across the Middle East.

She shares her cycling experiences with the small daily through her vlogs and Facebook posts.


Hels on Wheels is a local traveller who explores the small towns of the Middle East on her cycle. She shares her experience cycling to the new city daily on her Facebook handle.

Along with sharing her experience, she also shares some photographs of her trip.

While sharing her experience of visiting to Sohar, Oman, on Facebook, Hels on Wheels wrote:-

A cacophony of muezzins woke me at 5 am, so I was up and packing by 6:00 as I’d (half-heartedly) promised the security guard the night before. I gave the incoming cleaner the fright of his life, but once he’d regained his composure, he brought me paper cups of very watery Arabic coffee and very strong, thick, sweet Indian-type chai.

Thanks to this early start, I had the roads to myself as the sun rose. It’s unclear to me if the temperature has suddenly dropped or if this side of the coast is cooler, but either way, it is much more pleasant for riding; I didn’t sweat all day until after sundown. (Can anyone explain to me the phenomenon I’ve noticed since Dubai that the humidity RISES after sunset?)

Without much planned for the day, I u-turned at a sign for Omani sweets. Enjoying the different samples, I could taste how expensive they were. 


Regrettably, they didn’t have a pannier-friendly (or wallet-friendly!) size dessert, so I left empty-handed.

After a bit of a effort, I found some wifi, and who should I find to be just 10kms away?! Only John White, a cycling friend I’d met this time last year in Demre, Turkey! After we managed to get ourselves to the same side of the highway, we picked up some supplies and headed to the beach, where we passed the afternoon comparing Iran experiences and catching up on each other’s year of bike adventures.


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