India: Jammu and Kashmir markets bustling with festive cheer as Eid approaches
India: Jammu and Kashmir markets bustling with festive cheer as Eid approaches (image credits google)

Jammu and Kashmir, India: The Markets in Jammu and Kashmir are filled with people as the -festive season approaches starting from Eid-ul-Fitr. The people are preparing for the festivals and joyous occasions as the region is experiencing a sense of relief after the upliftment of covid-19 restrictions.

The valley is now free from the limitation imposed by the global pandemic. The locals are now feeling excited and cherished for the upcoming festivals and occasions and preparing for them by buying new clothes, sweets etc.


The markets in Jammu and Kashmir are flooded by people to celebrate Eid approaching in a few days, with their loved ones. A local has said that it is delightful for us that the restrictions are over, and we can shop freely without any fear. 

He stated that the people of the valley are excited to celebrate the festivals together with love and respect for each other’s culture.

The ongoing Smart City project in Srinagar has impacted the dynamics of the local markets amidst the festive fever. The shoppers are also going through difficulties because of the ongoing construction work in the city.

The market has been affected due to the city’s current construction projects. Furthermore, the limited parking space and traffic diversions have made it more difficult for the locals and customers to reach their destinations and shops for shopping.

The covid-19 pandemic has globally imposed economic challenges, specifically post-period, which is quite evident as the shoppers have left with limited buying funds and power. The pandemic has forced people to limit their spending due to financial impacts.

A local shopkeeper from the city has outlined that “due to the pandemic, the community of shopkeepers are facing severe economic challenges as many people have reduced their spending pockets, which directly affected the overall sales of the shops amid the festive season.


The spirit of the Eid celebrations and happiness prevails despite all the odds as the locals are determined and looking forward to the festival occasion. 

The people of the valley are hoping for the betterment of the financial conditions in the valley with wait for a better time ahead. Ultimately, the preparations for the celebration in Jammu and Kashmir are in full swing.


Tariq Saeed