Search for 9-year-old Dubai girl continues in Oman after she was swept away by strong tides

The rescue team is still looking for a 9-year-old Indian expatriate from Dubai after she was swept away by strong waves in the sea in Oman.

The rescue team is still looking for a 9-year-old Indian expatriate from Dubai after she was swept away by strong waves in the sea in Oman.

Three members of a family, including two children, were taken away by strong tides at the Mughsayl beach of Dhofar Governorate of Oman on Sunday, July 10. While the bodies of two of them were found but the search for a nine-year-old girl continues.


Oman police officers and family members have identified the deceased as Shashikant Mhamane, aged 42 and his six-year-old son Shreyas. The missing nine-year-old girl has been identified as Shreya Mhamane.

A father of three children, Mhamane’s oldest daughter Shravani and wife Sarika are reported to have survived the tragedy.

The family was originally from India’s Maharashtra and travelled to Oman recently with a big group of family friends to celebrate the holy occasion of Eid-Al-Adha.

As per a relative of the deceased’s wife Sarika, Rahul Warda, Sashikant has been a resident of UAE for over 15 years. He was a project manager with an engineering company in Sharjah and had found huge success in his career after coming to the United Arab Emirates.

“He was very generous to all the people in our town,” stated Warda. The family comes from Jath in the Sangli district.

Warda further added that many friends and family members of the Mhamane family have travelled to Oman to assist the family in this traumatic time.


As per the sources, a total of 16 people died, while four others were still missing because of the flash floods and extreme weather conditions in the Sultanate during the past several days.

The Director-General of operations at the Royal Oman Police, Brigadier General Mohammed bin Nasser Al Kindi stated that rescue workers had rescued over 40 people during the past five days.


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