UAE: Dubai Police reveal numbers of benefited motorists from traffic campaigns

United Arab Emirates: The Department of Dubai Police has shared an update regarding the Dubai Police Traffic Campaign been conducted in the country for over the last three years.

United Arab Emirates: The Department of Dubai Police has shared an update regarding the Dubai Police Traffic Campaign been conducted in the country for over the last three years.

As per the recent updates shared by the Dubai Police department recently on the occasion of the General Department of Traffic annual inspection, the officials from the inspection department of police revealed that till now, around 10 million people were benefited through the Dubai Traffic Campaign in the past three years.


Furthermore, the statistics were revealed during the annual inspection meeting held under the patronage and supervision of Lieutenant General and Commander in Chief Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri of the Dubai Police Department.

During the conference, several other government officials were present, including Major General and Assistant Commander in Chief for Operation Affairs Ali Abdullah Al Ghaithi and Major General and Director of Traffic Department Saif Muhair Al Mazoui.

Moreover, Brigadier and Deputy Director of the General Department for excellence and Pioneering, Dr Saleh Al Hamrani, was accompanied by Brigadier and Deputy Director of the General Department of Traffic, Juma Salem Bin Suwaidan and several other senior officers and concerned government bodies.   

Per the sources, lieutenant General Khalifa Al Marri was briefed in detail by the officers on the traffic campaign carried out last year to raise significant awareness about the traffic rules and regulations among the nation’s general public.

The meeting was focused on educating the people and residents of the United Arab Emirates about road safety in general and especially for pedestrians. 

Pedestrians safety was more targeted in the annual inspection meeting as people on a walk can be harmed easily by various reasons such as,


– Danger of sudden swerving/ change of vehicle directions accidentally or unknowingly

– Life-threatening speed of passing vehicles

– Dire consequences of failing to maintain a safe distance

– Risk of road crossing for school children near education areas

– Safe driving requirement on special occasions

As per the information, the traffic awareness campaign was also introduced in the educational institutions and schools of the United Arab Emirates. 

The officials from the department also delivered guest lectures on traffic rules and regulations from which around 147.561 motorists benefited, and nearly 68,921 beneficiaries get significant advantages every year consecutively.

In the end, Lieutenant General Al Marri also reviewed the Traffic Institution numbers from the last year. Around 47 people participated in twenty lectures on the traffic points. 

At the same time, 765 learned from the Safety about traffic, and eighty-seven internal and external frameworks and blueprints were delivered to raise the awareness of 1379 vehicles.

In the end, the Institution carried out 52 workshops for Smart Training Centre, which benefited 1415 residents. It carried out sixteen training sittings for around sixteen private security organisations that helped 466 security guards.


Tariq Saeed


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