UAE promises to work to tackle climate change

The United Arab Emirates promised to "convert promises and pledges" into economic growth and sustainability during a global conference to address the acute challenges of climate change.

The United Arab Emirates promised to “convert promises and pledges” into economic growth and sustainability during a global conference to address the acute challenges of climate change.

An Emirati delegation led by the Minister of Climate Change and the Environment, Mariam Al Mheiri and Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology, Dr Sultan Al Jaber, set out a case for advanced action to safeguard the planet at the Bonn Climate Change Conference held in Germany.


The summit held for ten days under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change will support framing the agenda for environmental strategy before the 27th Conference of the Parties, called Cop27, in Egypt in November.

The Minister of Climate Change and the Environment, Mariam Al Mheiri, stated that climate change is the defining challenge of our period and is moving exponentially. There is a need for solidarity to move faster to smoothen the climate curve and control worst-case scenarios.

The country is stepping up measures to hit its target to attain net-zero emissions by 2050 via a wide-ranging green strategy concentrated on a shift to renewable energy and a focus on new technology, which will help cut down carbon emission levels. The UAE’s commitment to safeguarding the environment follows its hosting of Cop28 in 2023.

Dr Al Jaber stated the UAE’s environmental idea would promote green policies while assuring the economy continues to flourish. He said, “The UAE is willing to advance progressive climate action at this critical gathering leading up to Cop27.”

Dr Al Jaber stated the UAE was operating with Egypt before both nations hosted the coming two Cop sessions to help battle climate change, “close the emissions reduction gap”, as well as make significant steps towards goals set out in the 2015 Paris climate accord that concentrated upon reducing emissions to fight global warming.


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