Visitors from UAE caught up in Heathrow explained the chaotic scenes at airport

Business people and other visitors who were caught up in the United Kingdom airport disruption have explained the chaotic scenes after landing in London from the UAE.

Business people and other visitors who were caught up in the United Kingdom airport disruption have explained the chaotic scenes after landing in London from the UAE.

Heathrow airport is at the centre of a row with several airlines after it capped daily arrivals, forcing airlines to cancel their scheduled flights and travellers to scrap their plans.


From long queues at passport control to long hours waiting in the baggage hall to collect their bags, it is a nightmare for those flying from the United Arab Emirates to the United Kingdom and elsewhere in Europe.

Etihad Airways reported the first of its flights in Heathrow from Abu Dhabi had now been rescheduled for Thursday, July 14.

Emirates described the unfolding disruption at the busiest airport of the UK on Thursday as understaffed and non-prepared for the bounce back from coronavirus.

A British management consultant in Abu Dhabi, Lionel Prodgers, who regularly used to fly back to London for business, was caught up on Sunday in delays at Heathrow.

He stated that I commute a lot between the UAE and UK, and it was my first experience of coming back to Heathrow for a while, and it was a disaster.

There was very minimal activity at Terminal 4. I flew business class and was the first off the place via immigration.


Moreover, flights had arrived from Qatar and Oman, therefore, it got busy.

Everyone was crowded in the hall, but no belts were running, there were no announcements and no bags.

British Airways staff at Heathrow in June voted in the strike in a row due to wages.

Refuelling staff at Heathrow airport announced the chance of a three-day strike with the Aviation Fuel Services (AFS) team, which risks further delays to the airline scheduler in July.

Earlier in June, pictures of huge luggage were posted on social media, and people were not able to track down their bags after landing down in London.

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