Dubai: Traffic obstruction reports on Ras Al Khor Road on Wednesday

United Arab Emirates: Police officials reported a traffic obstruction on Ras Al Khor Road on Wednesday morning in Dubai.

United Arab Emirates: Police officials reported a traffic obstruction on Ras Al Khor Road on Wednesday morning in Dubai.

According to the recent update shared through the official social media account of Dubai Police Officials, the delay was located after Al Awir Exhibition Bridge in the direction of Boukdra Bridge.


The authorities have advised the motorists to use alternative routes as well as exercise caution around the area.

On the other hand, a week before, the authorities alerted all of the citizens about an obstruction towards the Al Khail Road.

Moreover, at that time, a tweet was shared by the Dubai Police officials. They warned all of the motorists of an accident on Ras Al Khor Road towards Al Khail Road.

The police officials have warned the drivers to be extra cautious at the time of driving in that area because of the incidents.

Besides this, the road accidents caused the deaths of about 381 individuals in the United Arab Emirates in the previous year and wounded 2,620 others, with 256 deaths as well as 2,437 injuries in 2020, Ministry of Interior figures show.

The maximum number of crashes also increased in 2021 to about 3,488, up from 2,931 in 2020.


Along with this, distracted driving, sudden swerving, and failing to maintain a safe distance between vehicles caused most traffic accidents.

In 2020, most of the roads were calmer because of the stay-at-home measures at the height of the pandemic. While there was a rise in deaths in the previous year, the long-term trends in the United Arab Emirates have been decreasing road deaths.

In addition, a breakdown of the ministry figures meanwhile, which have been made publicly available on its websites, showed that distracted driving caused about 1,031 collisions in the previous year, which has increased from 816 in 2020.

Furthermore, the managing director of the Road Safety UAE-Thomas Edelmann, highlighted that the death toll was still below the global trend.


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