Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Hamas fires more than 9000 rocket

In a recent revealation Israeli Ministry of foreign affairs accused the Hamas for launching more than 9000 rockets.

As the war escalated between Israel and Hamas, a new revelation came to light. In a recent statement, Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs claimed that Hamas militants have launched more than 9000 rockets in the past month.

In a social media post, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel stated specifically that “In the Past month, more than 9000 rockets have been fired by Hamas targeting civilians. Make no mistake, every rocket is meant to kill, we will do whatever is necessary to protect our families”.


It is noteworthy that the present conflict started with rocket attacks. On the morning of 7th  October 2023, the Militants of Hamas launched a series of rockets targeting civilian areas in Israel. These rockets were launched from the Gaza Strip as per the defence sources of Israel, who are keeping an eye on the event happening in the Gaza Strip.

Ministery also confirmed that after the initial failure, IDF(Israel Defence Forces) successfully intercepted these rockets and shot many of them down. Hamas launched these rocket attacks under the operation “Al-Aqsa flood”.

Israeli defence forces also launched a retaliatory action against Hamas under the name of “Operation Iron Sword “. Just a day ago, Hamas’s leadership claimed that its fighters opened the war on the southern front of Lebanon. Hamas militants carry out their activities under the name of “Qassam Brigades” in Lebanon.

Qasam Brigade also claimed that rockets from the Lebanon side were in retaliation for the massacres and aggression of the Israeli occupation authorities on the unarmed civilians of the Gaza Strip.

Since the eruption of war, a heavy number of casualties have been reported. The maximum number of people lost lives in Gaza in the ongoing conflict. The mounting death toll also includes a heavy number of children.

Many international political and Humanitarian institutions/organisations  have appealed for an immediate ceasefire, but till now, Israel is adamant about continuing its attack against Hamas.
Israel also launched a ground invasion and prepared for a long-term war to eliminate the terrorists of Hamas.

Tariq Saeed

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