Petra University president meets staff of College of information

Professor Dr. Rami Abdel Rahim, The President of the University of Petra, met with the faculty members of the College of Information. During the meeting, the other persons who were present included the University’s Supreme Chancellor, Professor Dr Adnan Badran, the Dean of the College, Professor Dr Ali Nejadat, the Vice President, Professor Dr Mayas Al-Rimawi, and the heads of departments in the College.

President of Petra University Abdul Rahim directed the faculty members to advance the College by developing different specialization plans. He advised opening maximum specializations for the master’s and bachelor’s programs, which will help the students to the labour market ready and will fulfill the need for the graduate to possess the necessary competencies.


Abdul Rahim called on academics to pay attention to scientific research to get international classifications and recognition. He states that without research, new discoveries are not possible. He also advised the university authorities to divert the maximum funds for the research and development work.

During this occasion, Dr Adnan Badran pointed out that the university is determined to turn the Faculty of Information into the best College in the region . he also stressed that quality of education lies in the curricula and laboratories in universities.

He specifically said, “We must not look at employing our graduates and postgraduate students only in Jordan, but rather we must encourage our students to get employed in different parts of the world.”

He also highlighted the importance of the English language along with the Arabic language. He said that to improve the employability of the students in the international labour market, our students must be proficient in the English language. Better English will help our students, Locally and internationally, to find suitable jobs. He again emphasized that our graduates should be able to master both  the English and Arabic languages for better job opportunities.

Tariq Saeed


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