UAE: Abu Dhabi Police conducts specialized courses on Disaster Victim Identification System
UAE: Abu Dhabi Police conducts specialized courses on Disaster Victim Identification System (image credits Facebook)

United Arab Emirates: The Office of Victims Affairs, Crisis and Disaster Management at the General Headquarters of the Abu Dhabi Police has recently carried out 5 (five) specialized courses on the Disaster Victims Identification System.

The courses witnessed the participation of 71 specialist officers from the Abu Dhabi Police from its specialized units, along with a number of Strategic partners from several other government departments.

According to the shared information, the officials from the Abu Dhabi Police Force took to its official social media handle to share updates regarding the launched courses. The update also stated that during the program, a number of strategic partners from the Ministry of Defence and General Leadership of Dubai Police, Community Development Department and Abu Dhabi Health Services Company and Health also participated in the courses.

On his part, Major General Ahmed Saif bin Zaytoun Al-Muhiri, Director of the Central Operations Sector of Abu Dhabi Police, stressed the importance of courses in exchange of experiences and communication between strategic and specialized partners to build an information system that contributes to increasing the effectiveness of cooperation and coordination to disseminate the culture of disaster victims’ affairs management.

Furthermore, Major General Al Muhiri also commented that such specialized courses are essential to introduce the system to the targeted officers by which they acquire better skills and on-the-job experiences, which help them in better service. 

The reports also claimed that Abu Dhabi Police had monitored the program very critically and mentioned that it was a significant step in the progressive direction.

During the courses, the concept of the disaster identification system, all its stages, technical and coordinating procedures applied, and the identification of unidentified bodies during disasters in accordance with the protocol.

Moreover, it also emphasized the standard of the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) and the organized response mechanism of the team; table exercises were also carried out to apply the concepts of the system to gain the affiliates the necessary skills.

Disaster Management Director Ahmed Nasser Alkandi, Head of the Abu Dhabi Police Disaster Identification Team, pointed out the importance of spreading the system’s culture, developing technical capabilities and skills in the field of crisis and disaster management according to the highest global standards and raising the level of readiness in dealing with various emergencies.


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